Juris Doctor, Syracuse University School of Law, 1990
Admitted to practice law before the Courts of the State of New York, 1991
Admitted to practice before the United States District and Bankruptcy Courts for the
Southern, Eastern, Western and Northern Districts of New York.

Since beginning to practice law in 1991 I have handled a wide variety of matters relating to foreclosure and foreclosure-related bankruptcies. What is listed below is just a few examples of some of the work that I have done on behalf of homeowners facing foreclosure. None of this should be misconstrued as any kind of assurance that your case will turn out similarly. Every lawyer who isn't afraid to fight for their clients loses some of their cases. I hate to lose, but it can happen. Any lawyer who tells you they've never lost a case is either lying or is too afraid to take anything to court.

I have

·         Successfully Litigated against the Bank on the Statute of Limitations, and had the Mortgage Expunged from the Public Record. I have done this more than once. (This kind of absolute win is very rare and requires the right circumstances)

·         Had numerous Order to Show Cause signed by a Judge to stay an auction sale, at least temporarily.

·         Reversed the bank's Sale of Co-op shares AFTER the Auction.

·         Successfully reversed foreclosure action sales.

·         Chapter 11 confirmed and successfully completed.

·         Chapter 13 confirmed and successfully completed.

·         Had Bankruptcy reorganization plans confirmed for clients with prior bankruptcies.

·         Obtained loan modifications for people who are self-employed or paid in cash;

·         Obtained modifications for people employed overseas and paid in foreign currency.

·         Gotten tens of thousands in escrow overcharges disallowed;

·         Gotten final Judgments of foreclosure and sale reversed on appeal;

·         Successfully represented clients who were not the named borrower;

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No statements or facts found on this site are to be mistaken for legal advice. Any information on this site may not be up to date. The information on this site pertains to New York law only. Foreclosure law and practice in other jurisdictions is different, and generally happens faster. I practice in State and Federal Courts in New York State. I do not practice outside New York State. This site in no way establishes an attorney/client relationship. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We also handle many cases that never involve bankruptcy. The choice is for the client to make.